Monday, March 31, 2008

Read a book

Hello there,

In 2007 I set a goal to read a complete book each month, something I'm happy to say, I successfully completed. I've been logging the books I read for pleasure since 1985. (I'm not quite sure what this says about me, but 22 years of doing anything probably has a statement attached to it.)

This year I've set a new goal of reading 1,000 more pages then I did in 2007. So I had to total up the pages from last year: 5382. Since I'm guessing I read roughly a page a minute + or - 10%, this means I spent about 90-100 hours reading in 2007.

Well, if your still reading this post, you might be asking yourself, how close am I to hitting my goal in 2008 now that the first quarter is coming to a close. Glad you asked. I've not finished a single book in 2008. However, I am all but 300 pages through Victor Hugo's Les Miserables which is 1463 pages. This will put me about 23% of my yearly goal, so pretty darn close to on target.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some pages to burn through...

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